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Site and Frequency Information

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Last edit: 3/22/17

Please note: Please be attentive to the amount of time you use the system during a given day, there by allowing more amateurs to use the system.  Be courteous to your fellow operators while using the system.

Due to the nature and wide coverage of the system, when one repeater is in use for an extended period, this is also tying up many repeaters.   Please consider using simplex or other repeater systems in the area for extended conversations.  Also be aware that what you say on the system can be heard over many thousands of square miles. 

Also, because of the many links, please remember to key you mic at least 1/2 second before speaking if you are using any of the repeaters other than the Hollis machines. How we use it can make or break the effectiveness of the system.

Brookline, NH  Home to the 53.410 repeater. Also serves as the third receive site for the 146.730 repeater. To access the system using this site, one would set their radio on the 146.730 using a negative offset and a TX PL tone of 151.4. This site is located just off Rt. 13 at the old Big Bear Ski Area at a
elevation of 600'  on top of a 180' cell tower. 
Derry, NH  This site serves as a secondary receive site for the 146.730 repeater.   This input to the system allows for mobiles to get into the system using a different PL or CTCSS.  To access the system, one would set their radio on 146.730 using a negative offset and a TX PL tone of 127.3. This site is located on Warner Hill at an elevation of 547', and up 135' on a tower.
Hollis NH  Courtesy of N1NH.  Home to the 146.730 (minus offset, PL 88.5) and 443.500 (plus offset, PL 88.5) repeaters.  It is located on Proctor Hill Road at an elevation of 435' on top of a 180' tower.  All link sites are linked back to the Hollis site (aka the "HUB").  This site provides coverage from about Boston MA to Worcester MA and north to just about Concord NH.
Gilsum, NH
Courtesy of K1JWM. Covers the Keene, NH route 9 area, and neighboring areas of Vermont.
Goffstown, NH Courtesy of KC2LT. Home to the 224.500 (minues offset, PL 88.5) repeater. Located on Uncanoonuc Mountain
Nashua, NH Home to the 448.825 (minus offset PL 88.5) repeater. This repeater is designed to cover the downtown area of the city.
Peterborough, NH Home to the 449.375 (minus offset PL 88.5) repeater.Located atop Pack Monadnock at an elevation of 2200' on a 120' tower.
Pittsfield, NH
Home to the 146.790 (minus offset, PL 88.5) repeater. It is located at 1200' above sea level. This repeater is designed to cover the greater Concord area.
Rindge, NH Home  to 147.195 (plus offset PL 88.5) repeater. Courtesy of K1GHC, located at 1214' above sea level in Cheshire county. Designed to cover west central NH & Northwest Central Massachusetts.

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